Monday, December 5, 2011

There's a reason 12 year olds don't vote or drive cars....

Sometimes..... aghhhh....  My 12 year old daughter allowed my 9 year old son to clean out her ear with a cotton swab.  Her excuse, "He's done it lots of times and always was very carefull."  WELL, this time he went throught the eardrum.

Sunday night, rush trip to ER so they can tell us that, "Yep, it's ruptured.".....  As if the blood coming from her ear was not the first clue.  Oh well....  There is a reason that 12 year olds don't vote or drive cars.

p.s.  Her ear should heal on its own with, we hope, no loss of hearing (as if 12 year olds listen anyway)... :)

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