Saturday, December 3, 2011

Why "Ears Fuzz and Recovery"???

Lets cover the ears part first.  I raise AKC registered Basset Hounds.  That should at least explain the ears part.... lol.  When I moved back to China Spring, TX in 2004, I bought my first Basset Hound.  I had raised different dog breeds before, just not Bassets.  I love the temperment and easy going personalities.  Sadie Joe Baker has been the BEST momma dog and all around great girl.  I bred her when when she was almost 3 years old.  She had 12 puppies.  All seemed healthy, but lost one due to cord being pulled too hard at birth.  Of that litter, we kept one female, Bessie Boo Baker.  In 2011, I adopted a registered tan/white male, and bred both females.  Well, I should say that I bred Sadie, and when she had her pups, Bessie's hormones went wild and she came into heat again.  Needless to say, Buddy got to her also. 

Sadie went on to have 13 puppies in March of this year.  All were healthy.  6 Tricolors, 6 Lemon/Tans, and 1 rare Blue.  All sold.  I was afraid if I let Sadie have one final litter, she would suicide by puppy.  She is now spayed and living the life of luxury as a pampered pet (and Grand Dame). 

On to Bessie...  In May 2011, she snuck behind the house to have her first two puppies.  Thus, one female pup is missing an ear.  Bessie nipped the ear when cleaning her up.  We had the vet sew it back on, but Bessie licked it loose.  Just finally had vet amputate the ear.  We still have Little Dot and she is growing fast.  Bessie ended up with 10 puppies.  All tricolor.  We sold the remaining 9, but one came back to us.  We also still have Emma May (M&M).  Since I was not as pleased with Bessie's puppy raising skills, and with my Mom's Cancer, I wanted to only have dogs that can be house dogs if needed, I sent Buddy and Bessie to a wonderful breeder in Sulpher Springs, TX. 

SO, still have net three Bassets.  A very contented Sadie Joe and  her 6 month old Granddaughters, Emma and Dot.  For the record, our zoo consist of the three Bassets, Bill mutt-pup Jack, two indoor cats, and a Guinea Pig, two kids (12 and 9), and a husband.

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